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arts move in the end zone. there was no way they were coming back against the niners. >> yeah, it seals the win. it sends a message to the rest of the league. every team has a problem, because you have crabtree making plays. you have bolden, being a bully receiver. and now vernon catching the ball in the end zone. >> lots of weapons, and a super bowl type defense. let's get out to joe fonzi for final thoughts with regard to this victory today. >> reporter: i think we've said this before, guys, but it really is about getting into the tournament in the first place, and then playing your best football of the year. the 49ers may be most encouraged by the fact that the arizona cardinals lost, so that gives them cushion for that playoff spot. people pointing to this game with seattle, it will be an indication here at candlestick as opposed to that tough place on the road, where they are, and where they can measure up. they can see for the third time
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this year, if it comes to that in the playoffs. all things encouraging for the 49ers, as they're 8-4. the strong constant is the defense. >> very much so with the defense. even through the losses that they have sustained this year. you can't really point a finger at the defense. >> they needed explosive plays. they needed to make something happen on special teams, they didn't make something happen on special teams. >> it's going to be interesting. the offense today, they weren't blow away offensively. but they did get michael crabtree back, and that can't be anything but a positive. you'll see the one big play he had. he did have two catches for 68 yards. most of all, he looks extremely healthy. >> he's able to keep this guy to stay in bounds. physical guy. tough guy, great hands.
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his catch window is huge. he catches the ball with his arms extended. no question in anyone's mind if he's going to bring the ball in. he knows it, and he's an extremely good player. >> coming back from an achilles heel in an explosive position like kendall hunter last year, coming back from the achilles. that's where people had question marks. they weren't sure what kind of impact he would be able to offer. >> i saw kendall hunter last year. i saw him. he had the injury and achilles. now we have crabtree in the same system, with the same doctors. all the credit in the world goes to the medical staff of the san francisco 49ers. their whole staff getting ready to play. >> brian jennings, 49ers win it. ken wayne, and heather holmes, await you with the ktvu channel
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now at 5:00, it's being called a miraculous comeback. a toddler expected to recover, after spending five minutes underwater. >> bay area travelers are heading home after the holiday. >> more waiting? >> more waiting, yeah. >> tracking the traffic on one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> one bay area county
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celebrating a new, no kill option when it comes to mountain lions. how the killing of two cubs led to the change. a 2-year-old boy is in the hospital, but is expected to survive after spending about 10 minutes underwater. authorities say he's lucky the conditions were on his side. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone, i'm heather holmes. doctors say they expect that little boy to make a full recovery. this after he fell into the water during a fishing trip that we told you about yesterday afternoon. new developments from patty lee. she's live in oakland where that boy is being treated. >> reporter: first responders are calling this boy extremely lucky. they're also saying, that is a big understatement. this little boy fell into a creek in vallejo yesterday afternoon. he was with his grandmother who couldn't swim. he was in the water for 10 to
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15 minutes before rescue crews were able to pull him out. lieutenant herman robinson checked in with the boy's doctor this afternoon and told us that cold water may have helped save the boy's life. we're told from a family doctor who is not treating the boy. hypothermia slows the metabolism. so in this case, the boy's heart rate slowed down, and his tissues didn't need as much oxygen. that is why this toddler is making a recovery. vallejo police say this little boy was transported to this hospital. they also say the grandmother will likely not face any charges of negligence, and they consider this to be an accident with a possible fairy tale ending. back to you. >> patty lee, live in oakland. happening right now, bay area travelers headed home on this sunday after thanksgiving. look at that traffic. that's a live picture of
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interstate 80, very, very busy. today, as we said, one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> alex savage is live at sfo. it's busy, but apparently going pretty smoothly there? >> reporter: weather all across the country a factor. still, big crowds at sfo. here's a live look outside terminal 2 right now. a lot of thanksgiving travelers tell me getting home wasn't all that bad. >> crowded carousels today, as passengers grabbed their bags, and headed to the door. the family from novato flew out of d.c. this morning, happening to avoid the rush. >> we got an early flight, maybe that helped. >> reporter: most flights were on time today a good thing,
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with 130 passengers coming to sfo. >> we traveled early so we didn't get hit with the delays. >> it was empty, and it was easy, an amazing vacation. >> reporter: paul and his family spent thanksgiving with relatives in vegas. they're happy to be home. >> more waiting yeah. that's okay, we don't mind. >> reporter: for many, this trip home was a pretty relaxing one. for others, it was a hectic day of travel. that thankfully ended with a heartfelt tug. and even after your flight lands there's one final challenge. you have to remember where you parked your car. things are about to pick up, i'm told. the airport duty manager tells me the busiest time of this day
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is after 6:00. keep that in mind, if you plan on picking someone up. alex savage, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now on holiday travel. aaa has forecast a slight drop from both air and road travel. dumainely to a sluggish economic recovery. according to the department of transportation, about 91% of long distance holiday travel is generally done by car. 5 to 6% travel by air, and 2 to 3% travel by bus, train, or other mode of transportation. developing news out of new york city, where at least four people are dead, and more than 60 others injured after a passenger train derailed in the bronx. officials say the metro north commuter train jumped the tracks as it was rounding a curve about 100 yards from a train station. the national transportation safety board is investigating the derailment. they hope to find vital clues on the trains event recorder. which was found this afternoon.
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more on how first responders, managed to pull people from the wreckage. >> seeing those trains, as large as they are on their side. and the people that were in that. what they must have been going through. >> reporter: on a bend, where the hudson, and harlem rivers meet. new york city police say three of the dead were found outside, and were thrown from the train. >> the cars are close to the water. concerns that someone may have been ejected into the water. we use our divers. we have drivers in the water, we have helicopters who obviously checked out the shore line. >> reporter: the southbound train derailing and crashing just after 7:00 a.m. some witnesses say the train seem to be going too fast as it took a curve in what's designated as a slow moving area. more than 100 emergency personnel rushing to the scene. some tasked with lifting the tons of steel and glass off of
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victims. >> some air bags to lift the train off of several people that were trapped underneath. >> reporter: a team with the national transportation safety board will be looking at the train's data reporters as people who live in the area, look down on the disaster. >> it's a beautiful, scenic ride. [ no audio ]
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fans and costars alike are mourning the loss of action star paul walker who died in a fiery wreck. appeared as emotional as he placed flowers at the growing memorial there. after the crash last night, fans began coming to the scene, and placing flowers on the santa clarita street, where the sports car walker was in slammed into a light pole and burst into flames. he happened to be in santa clarita for a fundraiser for typhoon haiyan victims. >> i thought it was a hoax because of the films. no way. >> investigators say speed was
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a factor in the crash. a yellow honda sports car was seen parked near the crash site, and there is speculation tonight that it may have been racing the porsche. but authorities have not confirmed that. walker was 40 years old. he leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter. a burnt out wreckage of a volkswagen bug convertible caught fire in oakland. the car went up in flames just before 9:00 on the 580. the highway lost the 24 connector until crews arrived. no one was hurt. in continuing coverage, is revamped and running according to the obama administration after hundreds of fixes and increased capacity, the federal healthcare website is set to handle 50,000 users simultaneously. it doesn't look different, but pages we viewed today loaded quickly. the website spokesperson says errors have dropped from 6% to
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less than 1%. running or not, many republicans want to dismantle >> if we just sit back and hope it falls apart, it's the wrong thing. if it's teetering near the edge of the cliff, we should go ahead and push it over. >> democrats disagree and are calling for cooperation for affordable care to all americans. >> the question is, are we going to work together to fix these problems, or are we going to could do what our republican colleagues want to do, just sabotage the effort, even though they don't have an alternative. >> a surge in enrollment is expected by the december 23 deadline for coverage that begins in the new year. remember, california has its own website for the affordable care act at
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pushing back against a new planned parenthood clinic set to open tomorrow. it will initially be open 20 hours aweek and provide healthcare and abortions. residents have circulated a petition to get the clinic removed. a natural gas pipeline in san carlos is going back into service tomorrow. pg and e says the line will run well below normal. the line was taken out of service when questions about the safety were raised by an engineer, who worried old welding could possibly cause another blast. officials say the pipeline still needs further testing and upgrades. treasure island residents are invited to hear details of a major cleanup. residents in two dozen homes are being removed temporarily. those residents will likely move to other housing on the
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island. the navy says despite the chemical cleanup. treasure island is a safe place to live. it's starting to sound like old tech, but cyber monday is more popular than ever. the online sales could hit the $2 billion mark. experts recommend to keep your payment information safe, check for the ssl padlock icon. if you don't have time to shop on monday, many retailers offer free shipping with guaranteed delivery by christmas. at san francisco's union square, shoppers say they like the social interaction that comes from browsing, and buying offline. >> i like to be involved with the people, waiting in line. all of that kind of stuff. you never know who you're going to meet. >> we came to the city just to be in the city for the christmas atmosphere. to see the windows a the macy's. >> according to numbers today.
5:20 pm
total spending fell this thanksgiving weekend. shoppers spent 3% less than last year. an average of $407, compared to $424 in 2012. figures suggest retailers expanded holiday hours failed to boost their bottom line. union square wasn't the only place workers went to shop. we'll take to you a packed christmas tree lot and have advice from authorities. >> i was in san francisco, when i did my shopping today, and didn't really even need a jacket out there. it was pretty warm. some mild temperatures out there today. yeah, december 1. talking about day 3 of 70s throughout the region. temperatures dropping quite a bit. developing againing tomorrow. today we do have lots of sunshine out there, the sun's going down, but still fair skies out there, and a few high clouds. most of the cloud cover right now, concentrated up to the north. especially toward cape mendocino. some of the clouds will be drifting to the south.
5:21 pm
the approach in the bay area for tomorrow morning. here we go with the forecast headlines tonight. we'll call it partly cloudy. here is our live camera. high clouds here. tomorrow, the cooling trend begins. here is a look at the forecast tomorrow in san francisco, starting out in the morning hours. 7:00in the upper 40s, patchy fog, partly cloudy skies at 12:00, an increase in clouds in the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow, we'll go with 60 degrees. that is just the beginning of a major cooling trend beginning over the next couple of days. santa rosa, 66 degrees. reporting mostly clear skies. a few more neighborhoods up in the north bay. most areas in the upper 50s, to the mid-60s, right around the bay itself for san francisco, we just showed you, partly cloudy skies. current numbers around the bay, showing you lower 60s for fremont, toward sfo. inland neighborhoods, still relatively nice. currently, concord is 62 degrees, still more low 60s for
5:22 pm
antioch, walnut creek, and livermore. and in the south bay, 62 degrees. a very nice afternoon, and still mostly clear skies for this afternoon. still 60s to report for palo alto, and campbell, and morgan hill. 63degrees. overnight lows, the extreme chill not here yet, but upper 30s for santa rosa and napa. 40s in the map for san francisco, fremont, and san jose. patchy fog, redeveloping coast side. maybe a few patches inland as well. here is the forecast model. changes. right now, in the clear. and we'll put this in motion tomorrow morning at 6:00. here we go with the fog, redeveloping coast side, and right around the bay. look at the cloud cover here to the north, and a few rain showers. there is a slight chance of a shower approach in the north bay. the main event will be an increase in the mid- to upper level clouds by 4:00. we'll start out the day tomorrow morning with the areas
5:23 pm
of fog, upper 30s, to upper 40s. 4:00temperatures in the upper 40s, to the mid-60s. here is your five-day forecast. take a look at the overnight lows, very important, especially wednesday morning, thursday morning, friday morning, subfreezing temperatures across parts of the bay area. there is a chance we could have a freeze watch. that's very likely for those three days. more on the cold numbers coming up in the next 20 minutes. we'll take a look at your weekend in view for day 6 and day 7. height is a good factor. i like tall christmas trees. >> who doesn't? tis the season. bay area families taking part of in a holiday tradition. but authorities say don't forget about the danger. what you should know before decorating your christmas tree. >> then on a mission to the moon. china's latest display of missions in space. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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chinese lunar launch. today, a rocket blasted off of southwest china. carrying their first robotic rover. the name is called jade rabbit. the landing craft is expected to make a soft landing on the moon on december 14. if successful, it will be chinese's first soft landing on the moon, which allows the
5:27 pm
craft to operate after descending. violent protests in thailand have killed at least three people so far, and there's no sign of ending soon. throwing firecrackers in rocks. they want to oust the prime minister. government forces used tear gas, and water cannons to dispurse the crowd, so far, that tactic doesn't seem to be working, as the protesters come back. big protests in the capitol of ukraine. about 100,000 people are demonstrating against the president's refusal to sign a trade agreement with the european union. riot police use tear gas and flash grenades to try to break up the crowd. a ceremony today of song and rededication at the a.i.d.s. memorial grove in san francisco on this world a.i.d.s. day.
5:28 pm
♪ [ music ] those who gathered, remembered those who were lost. the founder of the black a.i.d.s. institute was honored for his work. wilson said it's important not just to remember those who passed, but to recommit the fight against the disease that continues to take lives. >> my partner, chris brown died on november 281989. the last thing i said to him before he took his last breath was i would be in this fight until it's over. but it is not over. >> hiv disproportionately affects the black community with young black men having the
5:29 pm
highest rate of the disease. 200,000 are unaware of their infection. 636,000 people in the u.s. with an a.i.d.s. diagnosis have died since the epidemic began in the early 1980s. up next, taking part in a christmas tradition. a family's embark on their quest to find the perfect christmas tree. fire marshals have an important message. >> and a new way to stay out of jail in the south bay. we'll have details on operation second chance. >> plus a warning for football fans. why those online sales for tickets to sold out games might really be too good to be true. i love watching tv outside.
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with just over three weeks until christmas, people around the bay area were out looking for that perfect christmas tree today. there are a few things you can do to keep trees healthy, and your family at home safe. cara lewis explains. how is it going out there, cara? >> reporter: it is going well. the manager tells me she have run out of several species of trees. everyone has their own criteria for the ideal christmas tree. >> as long as the presents fit under the tree, it's all good. >> there's six of us. we have four daughters.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: the smith family juggles have a dozen opinions. >> i like to reach the top so i can put on the star. >> small branches, so it's not that pokey. >> height is a good factor. i like tall christmas treesment. >> majority rules for me. so i'm outnumbered. doesn't matter what i have to say. >> reporter: for this san lorenzo mom, safety comes first. >> we get a green tree, in case we forget to water it, it's still green. >> reporter: christmas trees are linked to hundreds of fires each year. check out this video, comparing what happens when fire touches a well watered tree, vs. a dry tree on the right. it takes only seconds for the dry tree to go up in flames. multilights, candles, or flames nearby are common culprits when it comes to tree fires. officials say one out of every three home christmas fires is
5:34 pm
caused by an electrical problem. if you do get a fresh tree, keep it well watered, and away from heat sources. >> more details now for a safe christmas. fema represents you cut trees at a 45-degree angle at the base, and place it in water. potion the tree away from sources of heat. choose safe decorations. certified lights. check the lighting wires for rips, or frays and fill that water stand regularly. when the tree dries out, it's time to recycle it. set to consider a proposal for a park for a teenage boy who was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy. a memorial with flowers and pictures was created for 13- year-old andy lopez. lopez was killed when the deputy mistakenly thought the toy gun lopez was carrying was real. supervisors are mulling a few ideas, including a park in the
5:35 pm
neighborhood where lopez grew up and died. there is a new way to avoid jail time in the south bay. operation second chance got underway today in santa clara county. a dozen law enforcement agencies are allowing those with warrants for minor offenses who surrender, to receive a new promise to be released immediately, instead of going to jail. those with nonviolent misdemeanors with traffic violations are eligible. they can go into any sheriff's office to fill out the paperwork. a mountain lion was spotted today in woodside. now the department of of fish and game, and wildlife will be using a new tactic to try to remove mountain lions who wander into urban areas. >> the killing of two mountain lion cubs by the department of fish and wildlife, caused an
5:36 pm
uproar. the cubs, likely orphaned were found hiding under a porch. while they were tiny. only 13 to 14 pounds, law at the time did not allow the warden to pursue non-lethal options, which frustrated neighbors. >> i personally was really bad. some of the neighbors were upset. some were frightened. >> reporter: some sprung into action, passing senate bill 132, which helps protect mountain lions. senator jerry hill introduced legislation. >> we share this beautiful place with wildlife. >> they always have to look at public safety first, but this gives them the opportunity to make other decisions. >> reporter: while the law goes into effect, january 1, fish and wildlife has presumptively changed its wildlife procedures. last spring, a male mountain
5:37 pm
lion found its way into an irrigation canal. members of the puma project tranquilized the animal, opposed to killing it. zoos and veterinarians, the cats can be relocated without extra cost to the state. at least seven mountain lions statewide have been captured and relocated. oakland airport is seeing fewer passengers than years past. it has dropped by 5 million since 2007. that comes as crowds at san francisco airport jumped by about 9 million over the same period. oakland airports director of operations believes the improving economy will help it regain its share of passengers. volunteers from the san francisco spca will begin
5:38 pm
visiting the airport this weekk with eight certified therapy dogs. they wear vests that say pet me. the aim is to relieve stress for travelers. as football playoffs approach, beware websites that would sell you a ticket for that sold out game. a seattle seahawks fan is very upset after buying fake tickets from a man who advertised on craigslist. the tickets for tomorrow's game look real. but when she had her son make the same call as a test, he was offered the exact same seats. the cost? $225 each. >> i had to take out some of the savings money for the tickets for my kids. this was part of their christmas gift. >> police told her there is nothing she can do to get her money back. some parents are excusing
5:39 pm
to unschool their children with a nontraditional form of learning. the school's founder says even colleges are catching onto the idea that tests aren't everything. >> colleges are starting to realize that students are like, is this going to be on the test? when am i going to get graded on this? and they aren't engaged in learning. >> not everyone approves of the method. a parenting expert tells cnn, children may not learn the range of skills that are necessary to succeed. >> the bay area, diablo valley school in concord offers a similar method of learning. the sequel to the "hunger games" dominated the box offers. catching fire took in an estimated $75 million in its second week. that is the highest ever gross for a film over a thanksgiving holiday weekend.
5:40 pm
so far, the movie's domestic total has reached $297 million. disney's new animated feature, frozen raked in the biggest thanksgiving weekend opening for a disney animated film. how an army of volunteers is paying tribute this holiday season. >> we're about to see a big drop in temperatures. our meteorologist is tracking the conditions, and will tell us just how cold it will get in your neighborhood.
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
freezing rain, caused a massive chain reaction crash today in worcester, massachusetts, south of boston. it shut down part of the
5:43 pm
interstate for hours today. 30 people suffered minor injuries. the accident was just one of several crashes and spinouts in that area, blamed on icy roads there. police are asking people to stay off of the roads, unless it's an emergency. we've been enjoying very mild weather around the bay area but that might be changing pretty soon. >> it will be changing soon. low 70s, struggling to reach the 50-degree mark. as far as temperatures from today, once again, we've been kind of locked in this weather pattern. look at these 70s toward morgan hill. 70degrees. livermore, 73. lots of 60s, even for oakland, san francisco. right now on live stormtracker, you can see high clouds approaching the north coast to california. the bay area for the most part until the clear. a few clouds paying us a visit for late tonight, and into tomorrow. probably by this time tomorrow, we're going to have mostly
5:44 pm
cloudy skies. current temperatures are in the 60s out there. still pretty mild. you can see santa rosa, 66. oakland, 61. san san jose 62 degrees. on track by 2:00 to reach lower 60s. 63degrees as we head into tomorrow. we're watching this big change up here to our you morning. tomorrow, this cold front begins to sweep in. this will be the source of increasing clouds, especially towards sonoma county. we begin to cool things off, a good 4 to 8 degrees tomorrow. the real cooling kicks in later in the week. as you ski what happens. the developing pattern. a cold week ahead, that's the main theme, with wednesday morning lows in the 20s and 30s. with that the morning is very cold. and the afternoon only maxing out in the upper 40s, to 50 degrees. a freeze watch.
5:45 pm
a look at the projected lows for santa rosa, and napa. san jose in the mid-30s. even thursday morning will continue to shave off a few more degrees. so the real cooling moves in later in the week. you definitely want to prepare to keep the plants warm, and the animals warm. our cloud and rain forecast for tonight, we do have this, and you can see, tonight, increasing clouds into tomorrow morning. we start off with fog for monday morning, and an increase in high clouds, especially toward the north bay. there is a slight chance of a shower toward the north portions, approaching ukiah. we begin the cooling trend tomorrow. no more 70s on the map. san francisco, 60. hayward, 61. some more neighborhoods around the immediate coastline, we're thinking upper 50s, to near 60 degrees. san jose, 63, morgan hill, 65. here is a look ahead. your fire department. notice temperatures dipping down into tuesday and wednesday. the overnight lows become just as important this time of year.
5:46 pm
take a look at the bottom two rows of numbers here for wednesday, thursday and friday. the coolest locations. easily back down to the mid- 20s. afternoon highs barely making it to 50 degrees. a few spots could be reaching 48 to 49 degrees. a look a ahead at your weekend always in view. partly sunny skies into sunday. there is a slight chance of a nower with this pattern. if that were to happen, we'd have snow in the bay area hills. just get ready to bundle up over the next few days. >> thank you, mark. getting a photo with santa rarely looks like this. in san diego families lined up to pose with st. nick on a surfboard. santa was wearing a hawaiian shirt, and also sporting some sunglasses. thousands of headstones a the a texas military cemetery
5:47 pm
are now adorned with christmas wreaths, thanks to an army of volunteers. the wreaths decorated the cemetery in careen. a woman visiting her father's grave says it's moving to see such an outpouring of love for the nation's military veterans. >> just to see all the people, and all the volunteers and the people that give their time to come out here, you know, and it's people they don't even know. every year, i've watched more and more people. it's beautiful. >> preparations start in november. volunteers return in january to help remove the wreaths from the cemetery. you saw it right here. rivals square off. >> the 49ers and the rams, rally for position in the nfc west. sports wrap is next. l decembe. subway. eat fresh.
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customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo, or the six-inch meatball marinara, built fresh from the bread up for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh.
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♪[ music ] ed good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us in or early sunday edition of the sports wrap. it was the defense who the star of this show. michael crabtree made his season debut. the niners lost joe staley to a knee injury. and that slowed down the offense, but the niners lead, vernon goes upstairs. vernon sets up another sizzle. 6-0. receiver anquan boldin with 9 catches in the 1st half.
5:51 pm
bolden gained 98 yards. he didn't score, but that sets up frank gore for this touchdown. gore only ran for 48 yards on 15 carries today. the rams manage just 3 points in the 1st half. kellen clemens runs right into the path of navarro bowman. crabtree made two catches in his return from his achilles heel surgery. this is a nice sight for the niners fans. turned this into a 63-yarder, down to the rams 23-yard line. but he fumbled it, and lost any chance for points on that drive. they fake a punt. the special teams player, dropping for a block. that puts san francisco within striking distance. the very next play. cap to vernon davis. watch him kick the door down to the end zone.
5:52 pm
boom. everybody was kung fu fighting. not exactly how you write it up, but it counts. the rams fall to 5-7. now joe staley will get an mri on his knee. his status is important. philly won its fourth straight game. nick foles threw three more touchdown passes. two of them went to zach erst. the raiders were off today, but already game planning for the new york jets. oakland's second game at the met life stadium in new jersey. denver and kansas city hope to play there in 9 weeks, which is the home of super bowl 49. today, in kansas city. this was niles davis. bouncing off tacklers.
5:53 pm
remember, denver won the first meeting, and they win again today. peyton manning throws all 4 touchdown passes to eric decker. they're 10-2. the chiefs lose for the third time in their last four starts. gary kubiak's nightmare season continues in houston. big ben tate of the texans scores to give houston a 31-28 lead. there's nearly 9 minutes left. the patriots not only get one, they get two field goals. they win their 9th game of the season. 34-13. houston's 10th straight loss. cam newton, and carolina keep chugging along. today, the panthers dominate tampa bay for their 8th straight victory. the panthers win 27-6. they're 9-3, in and are the number 1
5:54 pm
nfc wild card team. josh to jeffrey. vikings defender, chris cook is all over itment i wish my suit fits that well. but he still scores the touchdown. 249-yards and 2 touchdowns. blair walsh kicks the field goal. the vikings win. they're just 3-8-1. the bears fall to 6-6. guess what? there's a new number 1 emerging in the bcs standings, and the warriors try to finish off their road trip on a bright light.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
golden state finished off its four game road trick in sacramento. the kings old arena lost power, and there was a blackout.
5:57 pm
once it got started, the kings wanted to run. usually, you want to drive it to the hoop. but no. three ball for curry. curry with 36 tonight. the warriors led 56-53 at halftime. this is clay's 8th three- pointer of the game. the warriors made 15 of their 25 three-point attempts. this game went down to the wire tied at 111. the guy off the bench makes the clutch shot. that's draymond green. they'll host toronto on tuesday. the bcs standings got all shook up after alabama got auburned yesterday. their journey to the championship probably ended when their field goal attempt was a little off mark. chris davis returns it all the way back to break the tie. auburn wins. florida state number 1. ohio state number 2. 11-1 auburn is number 11. alabama down in the 4th spot. that's it for this early
5:58 pm
edition of the sports wrap. thanks fred. we're following breaking news in san francisco, where police tell us, a web deal turns deadly. investigators say the victim arrange the online to meet the suspect to sell an electronic gaming device. the victim was then robbed and not several times near the bay shore boulevard offramp. we have a news crew on the way to the scene, and we'll bring you an update to this tonight at 11:00. thank you for making ktvu your source for news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> we're here for you online. see you back here at 10:00. have a good evening. where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space.
5:59 pm
yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. with qualifying bundles. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room?
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we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. so, bernadette, how goes the hunt for bridesmaid dresses? well, if you don't mind looking like an orange traffic cone, great. amy: girlfriends, i have the answer to our dress problems. bernadette: really? amy: 12 years ago, my cousin irene and her entire family died in a horrific carbon monoxide accident the night before her wedding. that's horrible. yes and no. all those bridesmaids dresses remain unused and available to us for free. so it seems that cloud of odorless deadly gas had a silver lining after all. check it out, still in the bags. the gowns, not the bridesmaids.

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